SU coach nominated for Football Hall of Fame

Hilary Legge, ‘Doah Managing Editor
December 5, 2012

'Doah photo courtesy of SU Athletics

‘Doah photo courtesy of SU Athletics

Offensive line coach for the S.U. Hornets, Joe Jacoby, has been named a semifinalist for the 2013 Pro Football Hall of Fame. Jacoby is one of 27 who were chosen from a preliminary list of 127 nominees.

The list will go through another round of cuts in January, where only 15 candidates will move on to the final selection process. Ultimately, only four to seven new members will be chosen for the 2013 class.

Jacoby spent 13 years playing for the Washington Redskins before coming to S.U. in 2008. From 1981 to 1993, he served as a star part of the Redskins’ offensive line, known during his time as “The Hogs.”

The period for which Jacoby played was a successful one for the Redskins. He played in four Super Bowls over the course of his career, three of which were wins for the Redskins.

During his tenure with the team, Jacoby was named in four Pro Bowls, as well as to the NFL’s All-Decade team for the 1980s.
His first season at S.U., Jacoby worked as a volunteer assistant for the football team. He officially came on as a part-time staff member in December of 2008. In July of 2009, he became the fifth full-time member of the Hornets football staff.

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