Pay It Forward: Gearing up for Partnership in the Community

Susan Frank, ’Doah Staff Writer
February 20, 2013

SusanFrankHello all! I’m here once again to bring you information on easy ways to begin working service into your daily routine. If you are a returning student at S.U., then you probably remember Partnership with Community Day. Going into its third year, the all-day service event will be occurring on April 4, this spring. The Center for Public Service and Scholarship is already hard at work to this day shine.

During Partnership with Community Day, all classes are canceled and you can sign up for various projects happening throughout the Winchester community. Now, you might be thinking: “Yeah! No school I’m going to sit in my dorm and do nothing but sleep!” Please don’t be one of these people. This day is a time for you to be a part of something good and help others.

I have participated in two Partnership with Community Days, and they were both great experiences. I spent my time with Sigma Alpha Iota at the Salvation Army. Last year, our group cleaned the grout in their kitchen, organized their food pantry, and polished and shined all their surfaces — all while singing our hearts out to whatever the visitors of the noon lunch program wanted to hear. This moment was just one example of why I truly love service and giving back.

If you’re interested in learning more about Partnership with Community Day, or to become more involved, email Lander Manuel at lmanuel@su.edu. You can also email me at susan.frank@thedoah.com if you want personal advice, a direct link to a certain cause or if you want to share a personal story to feature in this column!

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