Possible impeachment weighs heavily on SGA

Hilary Legge, ’Doah Managing Editor
February 20, 2013

The SGA plans to come to a decision this week on whether President Nigel Huckle should remain in his position. Huckle’s presidency was called into question when the service fraternity Alpha Psi Omega (APO), of which he is the treasurer, came under investigation for hazing. Huckle, a senior music theatre major, admits that he made mistakes, but says that he is not going to resign. However, the SGA still has the power to impeach him if they so choose.

On Feb. 7 the SGA held a meeting of the House of Delegates to discuss the situation and how to proceed. Vice President for Graduate Affairs Kyle Feldman laid out four potential options: the SGA could accept whatever sanctions are laid out for APO as a result of their conduct process, and do nothing else; they could give their own reprimand for Huckle, separate from whatever happens with APO; they could conduct their own investigation of Huckle and the fraternity; or they could simply hold a vote to impeach him.

Members of the House of Delegates went back and forth amongst each other debating the issue. Many were sympathetic towards Huckle, citing the fact that we all make mistakes. Others worry that doing nothing may make it appear as though the SGA is protecting their own, and that his continued presidency will tarnish the reputation of the entire organization.
Ultimately, it was decided that all the delegates would take some time to talk with the students in their respective organizations, and think over everything.

“Over the past two weeks everyone went back to their respective clubs and got input to help make their decision for voting this week. This week each HOD member will be able to ask questions or comment for a short time. And then voting will occur to decide what we feel, as SGA, should come next,” said Feldman.

The SGA will be holding their next meeting tomorrow night, Feb. 21, at 6 p.m. in the Borden Student Associations Room of the Brandt Student Center. This meeting, as are all SGA meetings, is open to all students.

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