Around Winchester

Suitcase Student: From Winchester to Winchester

'Doah photo courtesy of Elysia Greene

‘Doah photo courtesy of Elysia Greene

We asked dance majors KerryLyn Kercher, Lizzie Baker and Elysia Greene their favorite and least favorite parts about spending the semester at University of Winchester in Winchester, England!

Kercher: My favorite part about studying abroad is the opportunity to grow in a new and completely different environment.  I love that nothing is the same as every other semester. I love that while I am here I am able to take in a completely different culture — the way people speak, learn and live is very different than back home, but yet so surprising in how alike it really is.

My least favorite part about studying abroad is missing my friends and family, but I am excited enough about the people and places here that my homesickness hasn’t consumed me.

Baker: My favorite part about studying abroad has been making new connections. In the world of dance, a lot of it has to do with networking so being able to make those valuable contacts as well has friends has been amazing.

I miss Double Stuf Oreos. They don’t have them in England and it’s driving me crazy. I also miss my best friend, Marilla Burnham.

Greene: I have really enjoyed the fact that I will get to audition for international dance companies from places like London, the Netherlands and Germany. I am also really enjoying my screen dance class.

My least favorite part is jet lag. I miss my S.U. family as well — Korinne Cowles, Courtney Brechemin, the entire senior class and the rest of the S.U. Dance Department and Conservatory (especially musical theatre).


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