Technology Nicks & Tricks: Presentations

Jessie Rota, ’Doah Staff Writer
February 20, 2013

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using technology for great presentations. The projector and slide shows are relics of a by-gone era. Presentations are now entertaining to watch, and the process of creating them doesn’t have to be complicated.

Prezi is just like PowerPoint, only cooler. Instead of just clicking to the next slide, it zooms in, and moves around before your eyes. Also, it has a simple accessibility that makes it easy to place pictures and YouTube videos into the presentation.

VoiceThread is another great presentation tool you can use to grab audiences’ attention. You can record your own voice, and use comments and videos. Google Presentations in Drive also offers easy access and never fails in providing bits and pieces to enhance your project.

The Poll Anywhere app is a great tool for presenting important information. It provides polls, and you can use your cellphone to view the results and show them on the screen.

Outside of the technological, a good tip to remember when speaking during your presentation is to always prepare ahead of time. Preparation, or a lack thereof, will always be clear to the audience. Above all, be confident, in your work and in yourself.

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