Tennis builds teams for spring

Liz Levey, ’Doah Staff Writer
February 20, 2013

'Doah photo by Jessica Richardson

‘Doah photo by Jessica Richardson

The spring semester is upon us. It’s time to break out the rackets and hit the court, tennis season is finally here. Even though it hasn’t been warm, both the men’s and women’s tennis teams have been practicing hard to get ready for their upcoming season. With a new crop of talent, the teams are looking forward to showing us what they’ve got.

Returning for his third season at S.U., head coach Larry Hubbard knows that entering the ODAC will be a hard transition, but an exciting challenge. “We hope to finish in the top half of both divisions.”

The recently released ODAC tennis poll has the men’s team ranked 9th out of the 11 teams in the division. Out of the nine men on the roster this year, three are freshmen. Just like in every sport, being such a young team is going to cause some growing pains. “It’s a big jump from high school to college, normally you can ease freshmen in, but we have to throw them out there,” said Hubbard.

Michael Milanov, who is the men’s team captain, is looking forward to his last season and will lead the squad’s lineup in both singles and doubles. “As a team we’re looking forward to more exciting matches. On and off the court we are all like family and try our best to boost each other up while playing.” Milanov expects every member of the team to grow throughout the season and learn from each match, whether a win or a loss.

The same rings true on the women’s side. After gaining a few more players from around campus the women have rounded out their lineup. And, they plan to push each other to be better. Hubbard said that his top two on the women’s side are sophomore Shannon Allin and freshman Molly Barb. “Molly has great potential to do amazing things within the program, as well as the rest of the girls,” he said.

Team captain Allin expressed a similar sentiment stating, “I know that they have a lot of talent and potential so I’m also looking forward to watching them perform during the season.” Something which Amber Lake proved on Feb. 2, when she was playing in the number six spot in singles and clinched a win for the team in the final match.

Both teams have high expectations for both their new and returning players. “Each one of us has embedded the spirit of making our school proud and we will do whatever it takes to get us there,” said Milanov. You can see the men’s and women’s teams compete on March 2, in their first outdoor game of the season.

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