GCP prepares to take flight


“I’m scared of getting lost in the crowds on St. Patrick’s Day.” –Michaela Ibrahim, freshman English and history student

“I am truly looking forward to an experience where I can teach myself to slow down and enjoy sight seeing and doing things I normally wouldnt choose to do, because I think I am going to be very pleasantly surprised!” –Emily Engel, 1st year physician assistant student

“Having never stepped onto a plane or traveled farther than Chicago, every second will be new and thrilling to me!” –Lily Bowers, sophomore music therapy student

“I am most excited to see the scenery.  They have castles that you don’t see everyday in America.” –Patricia Richardson, 3rd year physical therapy student


“I am most excited for the food. From what i’ve been told Bulgaria has
a lot of meat.” –Chelsea Paradiso, sophomore vocal performance major

“The faculty/staff and other students accompanying me on this trip seem to be really awesome and fun people. There is no doubt we will make the best of this amazing opportunity.” –Brittany Butcher, kinesiology and exercise science student


“I think the thing I’m most excited about for Panama is the warm weather! So excited for no snow, 90 degree weather, and being on the beach!” –Brittany Wilson, 3rd year pharmacy student

“I think my emotions right now can be best described as ‘anxious anticipation.’” –Emily Ehrgott, junior music therapy student

“I am especially nervous about riding on an airplane for the very first time when traveling to Panama.” –Brittani Dodson, sophomore nursing student


“Excitement is coursing through me as I am about to take on an adventure of a lifetime.” –Pavoua Xiong, 3rd year pharmacy student

“I am not worried about the wild tigers of Rwanda like I was the day I found out my destination, now I’m more worried about the long travel time and trying not to throw up on the strangers sitting next to me on the plane.” –Mary Harshman, senior biology major
“The best way to describe the emotions going through my head is AHHHHH!!!” –Sarah Wohld, sophomore nursing major

“I am so excited I can barely sleep. I can’t think of anything else.” –Zane Rerek,


“What scares me the most is that this experience will be over before I know it and I just hope I can take it all in during our short week there.”  -Stacey Giles, 2nd year pharmacy student

“I am pretty anxious to see what it’s like to be stuck in a plane for 20+ hours total, but my excitement COMPLETELY outweighs that small anxiety.” –Erin Puskar, sophomore dance education student

“I am most excited for the safari adventure and to see the beauty of the Himalayan Mountains.” –Katherine Hooker, junior exercise science student

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