Honor societies induct new members

Omicron Delta Kappa

photo (9)

‘Doah photo by Francis Escheik

From left to right: Nathan Rinard, Marrisa N. Volonino, Dorothy Claire Earner, Emily Hesse, Jonathan Jacob Heeren, Susan Toman-Jones, Joshua James Hynson, Marie A. Clary, Myles Anthony Hairston, Katie Cataldo, Jon C. Bannan, Kelcy M. Brown, Sydney Lian Anderson, Spencer King, Stormie Eve Malik, Hilary L. Legge, Jakob A. Curtis, Blanca O. Navarro, Dr. Miles K. Davis and Brad Earl Dinklocker. Not pictured: J’Dana Holsinger, Joshua Must, Tamytha M. Ohlschwager, Justine C. Preston and Heather M. Sink.

Leadership has always been an important component of the experiences students have at Shenandoah University. Every year, the National Leadership Honor Society Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK), awards outstanding leaders and recognizes them for hard work. On Sunday, Feb. 24, ODK inducted over 15 students who have shown exceptional leadership skills in their different roles at S.U.
Established in 1994, ODK was the first college honor society of a national scope to award recognition and honor for meritorious leadership and service in extracurricular activities, and to encourage the development of general campus citizenship.

ODK now has chapters at 298 colleges and universities across the nation. Congratulations to all the new inductees!
–Blanca Navarro

Alpha Lambda Delta 

On Sunday March 3, 2013, Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) inducted 81 new members. ALD is a national society that honors students who achieve a 3.5 GPA or higher during their first semester at Shenandoah University.  Inductees and their families were invited for the ceremony and lunch in the Ferrari Room. The keynote speaker was Dr. Miles Davis.

2013 ALD New Members:

Jorge Altanlraho
Molly Barb
Avery Bargasse
David Beaudoin
Taylor Blattenberger
Danielle Burris
Markus Calabro
Evan Carpenter
Joy Chappell
Christopher Ciszek
Caitlin Clark
Danielle Confletti
Tori Delaney
Kari Delemarre- Brand
Robert Dwyer
Grace Eisenhauer
Anna Marie Everett
Timothy Everitt
Elizabeth Faux
Jessica Flagg
Alexandra Flanigan
Caitlyn Friday
Taylor Fuller
Liam Callagher
John Garner
Shannon Giles
Todd Gilmore
Andrew Goldstein
Jessica Granholm
Ashley Gregory
Katelyn Gregory
Brooke Hahne
Paul Hercules
Krista Humphries
Mrgan Iannazzo
Michaela Ibrahim
Sara Ingold
Brittany Irish
Elizabeth Jensen
Ethan Koons
Amber Lake
Kathleen Lasick
Lauryn Leach
Kyle Lewis
Nathaniel Long
Hayley Lundblad
Amber McConnell
Tierney McDermott
Ashley McGill
Anabelle Merrera
Olivia Page
Ryan Parker
Kelly Pearson
Darlena Poling
Jasper Jade Raguindin
Amy Rapp
Stephen Readyoff
Melissa Reeve
Jared Repass
Lauren Richardson
Miranda Rudacille
Jamel Sanders
Melissa Santoro
Joseph Scott
Rebecca Scruggs
Rachel Stalker
Sarah Straw
Lindsey Swartz
Gerard Talbot-Paul
Mikayla Taylor
Zachary Thayer
Darrell Thompson
Sarah Tilton
Miranda Ulsh
Rameron Wisemen
Ashlyn Wells
Kayla Wilcox
Courtney Wheeler
Nicole Whewell
Olivia Wittman

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