Shepherd students tap into entrepreneurial spirit

Catherine Floyd, ’Doah Staff Writer
March 6, 2013

For many of us, college is a time of financial hardship. Even if you’re able to balance your classes with a job, it’s often entry-level and low-paying. That was the situation two Shepherd University students found themselves in until they decided to take fate into their own hands and start HUG Cleaning.

HUG, which stands for “helping us graduate,” was started by Morgan Davis and Kristi Edwards. Davis had spent two years working as a waitress and making extra money cleaning houses for her family when the idea of expansion came to her. It started out simply by joining with Edwards to be able to clean a larger number of houses. The concept then developed into a full-fledged business that would let them work a single job and still make enough to live off of as a student.

“Kristi and I started HUG to help struggling students, much like ourselves, have a steady job and secure state of mind,” said Davis.
They began to serve in other capacities besides just house cleaner, such as pet sitter, personal shopper, gardener, personal chef, waiter, babysitter and in-home CNA. Each position is specifically tailored to be relevant to a student’s major. For instance, early education majors are typically the ones who babysit while environmental study majors deal with jobs pertaining to the outdoors. Students who work for HUG are not only getting paid, but are receiving valuable experience that they can include on their resume.

Once they had all the details laid out, Davis and Edwards went and applied for their business license and procured insurance. Since then the business has been booming all over the area. They do the majority of their jobs in West Virginia, but also work in our area of Virginia. If you are looking for services provided by HUG or are interested in working for them, contact Davis at hugcleaning@hotmail.com or (304) 924-1060.

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