Technology Nicks & Tricks: Browser Choice

Jessie Rota, ’Doah Staff Writer
March 6, 2013

Browsers are the perfect way to multitask while keeping everything organized, and the best part is that there is more than one kind from which to choose.

Internet Explorer is probably the best known, and while it may be an oldie it is certainly not a goodie. Technology changes at a fast pace and unfortunately it can’t keep up .

But it’s no great loss, we have others. Firefox and Google Chrome are both highly recommended, running fast and capable of handling whatever the Internet throws at them — videos, pictures, extensions, you name it.

Google Chrome also has something called Web Clipper. Instead of copying and pasting articles, it can get straight to the text without messing anything up.

Firefox has its add-ons and will hold all of your apps on the main bar. To be sneaky in class, there is such a thing as a Facebook sidebar, which allows the app to run on the side while you’re typing an essay or on the Internet for class. (Don’t tell your professors I told you.)

With bookmarks, you can still sign in from browser to browser without losing anything. And in case you left your MacBook in your dorm or forgot to email something to yourself, you can sign into the same browser on your iPad or iPhone and everything will still be there.

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