Keeping track of a new roster of runners

Liz Levey, ’Doah Staff Writer
March 26, 2013

With the sun rising over Shenandoah University’s campus, the track and field team begins another 6 a.m. practice as coach Andrew Marrocco watches. Marracco notes that this team is radically different from those in year’s past. “If there is a definition for a rebuilding season, we are in one.”

Track and Field has lost 11 high-scoring runners since last year — nine to graduation and two due to transfer. “Overall we have a great team filled with tremendous talent, but it would be nice to have more runners to fill out the lineup.” Sophomore Denzel White make a similar point, stating that, “We can compete with the team we have, but it gets hard when you need to run multiple events.”

Freshman Nicole Legare runs distance events such as the 4×400 relay and said, “Coming from a bigger squad I am not used to running multiple events. You can’t run all out in one when you have three others to do.”

For Marracco, it is hard to put the proper pieces into place when you only have a roster of 28. “It becomes a game of chess, to put the team out there and gather as many points possible,” he said. “I would love for all my runners to go for their personal record, but we need to accumulate points to win the meet.”

Jaclyn Mohlmann is back on the team for the second year and has watched the team drop in size. “Whether people graduated, transferred, or became ineligible, the number of people on the team who place at meets is substantially smaller this year. … It would be better if we could grow in size and have more than one coach.”

Despite the size, the track and field team is not hurting for talent. Currently, 12 members of the team are nationally ranked. The entire team is also excited to get the season started. “We have the talent to win and that’s what we plan on doing,” said Marrocco.

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