Shenandoah ranked 28th by US News and World Report

Blanca Navarro, ’Doah Staff Writer
March 26, 2013

Year after year, Shenandoah University receives recognition for its excellence. This year the university was once again ranked highly on the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges list. Among 128 universities in the Regional University South category, S.U. was listed at number 28 for 2013.

More than 600 universities are included in the college rankings by the U.S. News & World Report. All schools are divided into groups pertaining to their geographic location, including North, South, Midwest and West.

The assessment for Shenandoah University’s category is based on peer reviews, graduation and retention rates, class size, faculty resources, student selectivity and alumni giving. Last year, S.U. was ranked 27th in the South. In the overall score, Shenandoah remained unchanged at 58.

Students and alumni were excited to hear this good news. Alumnus Margaret Gonzalez said she is very proud of her school and of having completed her studies at Shenandoah.

Freshman Amy Rapp was pleasantly surprised by the news and thinks it is amazing that she is in a school that is so highly-ranked.
S.U. made many marked improvements this year, which most likely contributed. Among these were an increase in freshmen retention rates and the percentage of full-time faculty.

President Tracy Fitzsimmons recently commented on the ranking, stating that Shenandoah University is honored by this recognition. “This is all because of the hard work of our campus community to make Shenandoah a place of choice for current and prospective students.”

With each passing year, S.U. continues to grow and improve upon itself. This leads to a better school environment for everyone, but also makes the school more competitive.

Senior Chelsea Feezel believes that this is a good school to attend for the sense of community, where students and faculty are much more closely connected than in some bigger schools, but the cost of attending Shenandoah could be viewed as a negative.
Other students, like Sophomore Alex Slohm find the ranking interesting because in his view, people frequently are voicing complaints about the school and how it is run.

Of course, there is no perfect institute of higher education. Any place is going to have some negative aspects. But S.U. offers some great academic programs and a warm, friendly campus environment.

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