North Korea is at it again

J’Dana Holsinger, ‘Doah Staff Writer
April 10, 2013

'Doah photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

‘Doah photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The past few years have been characterized by worrisome episodes of North Korea flexing the muscle of its missile arsenal power. Every so often, the North Korean government will get angry with the U.S. and South Korea and try to display a show of force by placing long-range missiles in such a way that they are essentially targeting the U.S. coast.

For many years the U.S., along with other international players, has tried to negotiate with North Korea in an attempt to get them to reduce or disband their nuclear and missile program.

Thus far the effort has been unsuccessful. Due to their refusal to abide by the U.N. and international communities’ requests concerning their deadly weapons, heavy sanctions have been placed on the nation.

This past week saw another unsettling show of force by the North Korean government due to their frustrations with trade restrictions and the U.S.’s involvement with South Korea.

What makes this stunt different from previous ones is that this time the leader is Kim Jong-un, the son of former North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il. Kim took his father’s place as Supreme Leader in December of 2011.

Being approximately 30 years old, Kim is a very young leader and is not yet fully understood by the international world. The U.S. and South Korea are being extremely careful in dealing with this threat due to their lack of understanding of the new leader.

During the middle of last week North Korea placed a second missile on its east coast in an attempt to signify to the U.S. that they are displeased with their actions.

According to other sources their military is also running drills in case they engage in this extravagant display of military power.

The U.S. believes that this stunt by Kim is pure rhetoric. The White House is almost certain that this episode will not lead to any kind of attack despite the Supreme Leader trying to scare everyone into thinking so.

However, this does not mean that the U.S. is not taking the worrisome and volatile situation seriously. The White House is attempting to not stoop to the same level of inflated war instigation.

President Obama is leaving the duty of addressing Kim to his top officials. He does not want to swap threats with the leader.

The North Korean government warned the embassies in Pyongyang that they would assist them in evacuating if they wished to do so.

In the end, most analysts are thinking that North Korea will just end up performing another one of their “missile launch tests.”

This is obviously an attempt by the young leader to try and show himself off as a big player in the world, an episode that undoubtedly will only lead to tougher sanctions on the country and even shakier relationships with the rest of the international community.

Although the Supreme Leader may be an inexperienced novice leader, he must know that an attack on U.S. soil would surely lead to U.S. military retaliation that his nation would not be able to survive.

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