The Writing Center makes better writers, not just better papers

Bryan Haskins, ‘Doah Contributing Writer 
April 10, 2013

Most often, students who don’t use the writing center feel as if they don’t need the help, like sophomore Leslie Caddick, who just sought her first tutoring session of the school year.

Before her meeting, she was asked why she doesn’t use the writing center–available, accessible, and free–as a resource more often.

“I make As on all of my writing assignments,” she said. “I have an extensive background in writing because of high school years, so I don’t need to go.”

But, by the end of her session, her opinion had shifted.

“This really helped me a lot,” she exclaimed. “Before I came, I was struggling to come up with content, but during the session I rewrote my thesis, which helped me to come up with more ideas to write about.”

Caddick is not the only student who got more than she expected out of the writing center.

Cynthia Jones is currently a graduate student. For her bachelor’s degree, she attended Morgan State University, which had a writing center she never used. Here, she decided to bring a paper in progress and give S.U.’s a try.

“Before I went, I was thinking of my topic narrow-mindedly because I was only focused on one aspect of it, but during my session, I was asked questions that helped me to formulate my thoughts and expand on my topic.

“After, I was enthusiastic about using [the writing center] as a resource, so I scheduled multiple appointments.”

“Some students think [the writing center] is only a good resource for English, but we stress the skills to make better writers, not just better papers,” says Evelyn “Ginger” Garver, the supervisor of the writing center.

“Our records indicate that students who voluntarily come in to the writing center, most likely will return because they have experienced its resourcefulness.”

The writing center is located on the main campus at the Academic Enrichment Center, in room 204 of Howe Hall. Students have the option of scheduling their appointments face-to-face or online.

In addition to writing, can simply come to discuss things they are working on, receive help with oral presentations, reading, research, revising, editing and much more.

Schedule your appointment today at

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