Preparing for video interviews

With summer fast approaching, many students and soon-to-be-graduates are submitting resumes for jobs and internships and are now beginning to hear back from potential employers. Many people are familiar with the procedures for in-person interviews and even phone interviews, but many companies are now turning towards Skype and other forms of video conferencing to speak with potential job candidates.

Here’s some advice as you prepare for these types of interviews:


Allow Ample Time for Technical Difficulties

Technology is great when it works and when you need it most, it’s probably going to be cantankerous. Make sure your computer, webcam, internet connection, etc. are all in working order a few hours before the interview and several minutes before as well. Be aware of time lag too; wait a few seconds after a question before you begin to answer (just like in live newscasts).


Consider the Environment

One of the perks of a video interview is that you can do it anywhere—but make sure it maintains a professional atmosphere that is free of distractions (the local coffee shop and your dorm room are ideal). Hanging a sign on the door of the room you’re interviewing in can be a great way to deter others from interrupting. Don’t forget to think about lighting as well; use natural light from a window and have it shine on you, instead of behind you (or else you begin to have an angelic glow around you that doesn’t really appeal to employers).


Dress for Success & Non-Verbal Cues

Just because you’re not meeting the interviewer face-to-face doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress your best. Dress a notch above what the company wears on a daily basis and keep things simple. It’s not only important for you look make a good first impression on the employer, but to help boost self-confidence as well. Also, make sure you sit up straight and make eye-contact with the camera when you speak, and not the screen.


If you have a video interview coming up and would like some practice, schedule a mock interview with Career Services and we’d be glad to help. You can e-mail us at career@su.edu with questions or to schedule an interview.

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