SGA End-of-year review

Aysha Malik, ‘Doah Staff Writer
April 24, 2013

As the end of the year approaches, it’s a good time for all organizations to take a moment and reflect. SGA has made great strides this year:

·The SGA represented the collective voice of the student body, as an active part of the development of a new student data backup policy, which was approved by Academic Affairs.

·The Executive Council led a successful graduate initiative, developing Shenandoah’s first Graduate Student Assembly. Several meetings and events were hosted at the Health Professions Building and the Northern Virginia Campus. This group will serve as an advisory board for the vice president for graduate affairs and graduate-level delegates.

·Representatives of the SGA played an active role in the revisions and alignment of the three student investigation policies (Honor Code, Code of Conduct and Sexual Misconduct Code).

·The House of Delegates passed a resolution in support of a campus safety audit. The university administration will conduct a public safety and security self-assessment and create a strategic plan over the summer.

·SGA concluded its survey of the student body regarding the addition of a Winchester Transit stop on main campus. Due to low student buy-in, the proposal was tabled.

·The SGA House of Delegates and its Rules Commission gathered feedback from students, faculty and staff to develop a new policy and implementation recommendation regarding smoking on Shenandoah’s various campuses. Part of the recommendation will include smoking cessation education programs, in partnership with university and community health care resources.

·Executive Council members started the process of developing SGA’s first strategic plan, working to outline measurable goals and objectives for the next five-year period.

·SGA has been updating and further refining its purpose, providing legislation for the next phase of improvements to the constitution’s mission, commission structure, role clarity for officers and accountability for officers and delegates. In the fall, SGA will begin to fill posts for the Judicial Council (inactive since 2011). As this article goes to print, the revised constitution is being voted on.

The newly elected executive officers will shadow current SGA officers for the remainder of the term, in an effort to provide a more seamless transition between administrations. Shenandoah has elected strong leaders, who have their own visions of what SGA should be. Each officer contributes specific expertise to their position, and we cannot wait to see what these officers accomplish. Be sure to connect with SGA through Facebook and Twitter to track progress!


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