The new leaders of your student body

Chris Frazier, ‘Doah Staff Writer
April 24, 2013

President: Josh McCauley, 21  junior religion major 

From left to right: Joshua McCauley, Zachary Duell, Kerby Hatter

From left to right: Joshua McCauley, Zachary Duell, Kerby Hatter

McCauley is a religion major, a member of the Just Faith Christian Leadership program, the S.U. track and field team, is a co-founder of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Shenandoah and will be joining the Summer Orientation Leader group this summer to welcome incoming freshmen to S.U.

“I am excited to be the new SGA president. I believe that I have an excellent staff on board and that we will do amazing things for this campus. I along with my staff cannot wait to get started on the tasks at hand.”

McCauley has big plans for the upcoming school year. “What I want to do for S.U. as the new President is to be able to act upon what the student’s want and need to see done on campus. Things like security, school spirit, and equality and unity among campus. I believe that our campus should be open to everyone no matter what his or her difference may be, and to eliminate the idea that one major is harder than another because that is simply not true. All students at Shenandoah are hard-workers and all deserve credit and respect for their perseverance in the classroom, stage or field.

“We must first agree that no one works harder than another and all agree that everyone works hard here at Shenandoah to obtain their degrees in whatever field that may be. It is then that we can build a solid and unified school that stands behind each other and supports every one of their talents and gifts. That is my hope and plan for Shenandoah University.”

Vice President Undergraduate Affairs: Zachary Duell, 20 sophomore kinesiology/pre-PT major

Duell is a kinesiology/pre-admit physical therapy major and is the head R.A. in Racey Hall. “I’m very excited about the position and honored to have been elected by my peers.” Duell wants to involve the student body as a whole in SGA and make sure every voice is heard. He also wants to get incoming freshmen excited to come to S.U.

“My goals are for this university to grow and become a student body as a whole, not just a bunch of limbs. With more input from the student body and the dedication of SGA reps, I feel as though we can make that happen.”

Vice President Graduate Affairs: Kerby Hatter, 23 2nd year pharmacy major

Hatter graduated from S.U. last year with a bachelor’s degree in university studies, as well as minors in chemistry and business administration. She is currently a student in the Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy at Shenandoah. Hatter was also an assistant coach for the women’s basketball team after finishing her career as an S.U. student-athlete.

“I am ecstatic to be the new VPGA! Kyle Feldman did a great job last year and I am ready to expand upon what he did. I feel blessed to be a part of the improvements and change that will be seen in SGA and Shenandoah as a whole,” said Hatter.

Her plans for the upcoming year with SGA focus on the safety of students, making graduate students feel more a part of the University as a whole instead of their specific program, expand the Graduate Student Assembly to more than just the health profession programs, and improving the importance and image of SGA to get every student’s voice heard.

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