Wyld about sex: “Yolo”

Liz Wyld, ‘Doah Staff Writer
April 24, 2013

As a senior at Shenandoah, I have stewed over what sexual knowledge I could impart for my last column. The column is still fairly new, and I wanted my last article to be the culmination of all that I’ve talked about before — from lighter subjects like sex toy parties and vibrators, to the very real problems that face our society today like rape and violence against women.

I’ve gotten a wealth of positive responses from various people, faculty members included.

One specific faculty member applauded the “candor and courage” I bring to each article. But I have gotten a fair share of negative reactions as well, specifically from the older folks who come upon my articles.

One of my friends’ conservative parents read the article and my innocent façade was instantly marred. Whenever I see them now, they hug me as if I’m some STD-ridden pariah and they’re worrying that I’ve corrupted their (equally-informed) daughter.

What I have to remind myself is that perhaps sex is something that most of us can delve into without much trepidation — with most of us being the key phrase. All of the people that I surround myself with have no inhibition when talking about masturbating, their sex life or their lack of one.

But, there are many people who completely deny and suppress their sexuality. I have acquaintances that live in the closet with their secret significant others, as well as other acquaintances that put a wall up whenever the topic of sex is brought up.

I’ve never claimed to be any sort of psychologist, counselor or sex therapist but as an actor, I do know how to read people. I understand that suppressing or denying one’s own sexuality is unhealthy. People have done it for years. But now, it is 2013, and as long as we are making decisions safe, healthy decisions based on happiness, sex shouldn’t be a forbidden and taboo subject.

My philosophy is this: YOLO — you only live once. We’re in college and these four years may be the only time we have to discover and experiment, inevitably making a few mistakes along the way, but ultimately learning from them.

Hook-up with someone in a practice room or in the basement of the BSC. (Just kidding, Tracy).

Visit the gynecologist for the first time. Tell a woman that she’s beautiful and mean it.

Go to a sex toy party and put on the nipple cream that the host passes out.

Hook-up with someone from Grindr or OkCupid and don’t call them the next day. Tell the person that you’ve always had a thing for how you feel, or you may never get the chance to do so.

As long as you are making decisions in a healthy manner that are based on a respect for your body, now is your time to explore and enjoy sex.

As I prepare to graduate, this is my last column. But this is certainly not the only time I will broadcast my opinions about sex. And that brings me to a shameless self-promotion: My girlfriend and I run a web series on youtube called Dykeotomy where we endeavor to answer all of your burning questions about sex and relationships. We specifically target the LGBTQ audience but take questions from everyone.

If you have enjoyed my articles, please subscribe to Gwist.tv to check out videos of a similar flavor every Friday.

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