Freshmen prepare for college

Chris Frazier, ‘Doah Staff Writer
August 20, 2013

'Doah photo courtesy of Symone Perkins

‘Doah photo courtesy of Symone Perkins

While 2013 graduates of Shenandoah were busy excitedly throwing their caps in the air, future S.U. students were already getting ready for their journey to Winchester by enjoying their remaining time with hometown friends, planning for school and beginning friendships with their future classmates.

To prepare themselves to leave home and start fresh at Shenandoah, the class of 2017 went all out this summer. Incoming freshman Dean Greenwood said, “This summer I did many things to prepare for S.U. As soon as I got my college checklist I did all that I could as soon as possible. I did not want to procrastinate.”

Greenwood was not the only one who went right to the checklists and stores, Ashlyn Walderman was also one to get ahead of the game. “Multiple Walmart trips and plenty of browsing on Amazon,” she said. “Also fixed up my hybrid bicycle in preparation for all the exploring I hope to do.”

Eric Bateman took in the sights and sounds by going to Orioles and Nationals games, as well as seeing the Zac Brown Band, Daughtry and 3 Doors Down, and Keith Urban and Little Big Town in concert.

Kristian Clegg stayed outside for most of the summer. “Whether it was going to the beach, hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, anything that seemed like an adventure I was all for it.”

Other incoming freshmen prepared themselves by taking in what had been around them their whole lives. Emmy Maguire said, “I drove a little slower in my hometown, taking things in that I wouldn’t see for a few months, hung out with friends and made the most of our time together.”

'Doah photo courtesy of Kristian Clegg

‘Doah photo courtesy of Kristian Clegg

Some of the class of 2017 started building friendships by hitting the gym and field to prepare for their careers as S.U. student-athletes. Ben Judy and Stephen Latona were two of these students. After meeting at recruiting trips and orientations, Judy and Latona worked out and played lacrosse as much as they could. “This summer I have been lifting five days a week with our high school strength and conditioning coach and playing wall ball for at least 30 minutes every morning,” said Latona.

Between hanging out with friends, going to the beach and family vacations, these incoming freshmen really have put themselves out there to make the best of this summer before they begin their new life at S.U.

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