Changes made around campus over the break

Megan Newman, ‘Doah Editor-in-Chief
September 4, 2013

'Doah photo courtesy of Liz Levey

‘Doah photo courtesy of Liz Levey

While students were off having fun on summer vacation, the S.U. faculty and staff were hard at work making changes around campus. At the end of last year, Residence Life asked students who lived on campus to give feedback about their experience and what changes they would like to see. This resulted in changes such as the new patio furniture behind Parker Hall and the new volleyball court at Edwards Residential Village. There is also a brand new water heater in Parker Hall.

Physical Plant has also made changes to increase safety on campus by adding new lamp posts on University Drive. The new lighting increases visibility on campus at night making it safer for students.

Not all changes are as easy to see as a new volleyball court or lamp posts. SU has also updated many of its policies in the Student Code of Conduct — most notably, the sexual misconduct policies. Changes in federal laws prompted the policy update.

Ashley Wisniewski, the assistant director of student conduct and Title IX coordinator, was one of the key players in the policy change. “We tried to craft a policy that would not only encourage students to come forward when there are instances of sexual misconduct but would be a fair process for those who are accused of sexual misconduct.”

Wisniewski also explained the changes in the investigation process for sexual misconduct cases. In an effort to protect the victims, the initial statements from the informal investigation will also be used in the formal investigation. This measure is to prevent the victims from being further traumatized by having to retell their story multiple times.

S.U. is also taking preventative measures by building information about sexual misconduct and consent into summer orientation. They have developed a brand new section of the school’s website where you can find the schools stance on sexual misconduct, tips on how to help victims even report an incident online. This can all be found at

Hand in hand with the new sexual misconduct policy is the brand new AlcoholWise online education course that all incoming freshman and transfer students are required to complete.

The course covers how much alcohol is in a standard drink, alcohol tolerance, signs of alcohol poisoning and everything inbetween. The course concludes with a consent and respect agreement that reviews consent and sexual safety.

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