Bailey’s news bytes

Bailey Rankin, ‘Doah Staff Writer 
September 18, 2013

Not even a year after Superstorm Sandy destroyed Seaside Heights in New Jersey, a massive fire broke out along the boardwalk. They had just finished rebuilding the tourist attraction. MTV news reports that late last week the fire started at an ice cream parlor before spreading to 19 other buildings.

According to CNN, an American man named Jonathan Trappe has taken to the sky in a 2,500-mile journey across the Atlantic Ocean. The catch is that he is being held in the air by a balloon cluster, as seen in the Disney movie “Up”. He began his trek on Sept. 12, and after just 12 hours and 470 miles he aborted his mission and made an early landing in Canada. There were only 370 helium-filled balloons.

In Giglio, Italy on Monday morning, efforts began to salvage the massive Costa Concordia cruise liner that ran aground and tipped over in January of this year. CNN reported that crews and engineers were attempting to right the ship and it was expected to take two days. By Tuesday morning, the ship had been positioned upright which will allow for the next stage in the salvage process.

CNN reports that a volcano in Indonesia prompted an evacuation of more than 6,000 people this past weekend. Cars and buildings are covered in ashes from the eruption early Sunday. It’s one of the highest mountains in North Sumatra at an altitude of about 2,600 meters.

On Today News, there is a video of an Australian man scaling a building in China with just his bare hands. There were no ropes involved and once he made it to the top he jumped off the skyscraper and drew a parachute to return safely back to the ground.

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