Jazz up your fall basics

Aysha Malik, ‘Doah Staff Writer
October 2, 2013

Hello, fashionistas! I don’t know about you, but I am so excited that Fall is finally here. It’s my favorite season: the weather, anything pumpkin flavored and the fashion.

However, I feel people often bundle up so much in the colder months because they don’t think they can look fierce without freezing to death. So, I’m going to share three of my personal go-to rules for fall.

Bring on the Bling.

This is my favorite tip for this season in particular. You want to still look put together while wearing your sweaters, jeans and coats without sacrificing any of your layers.

The quick fix? Add some statement jewelry. For those of you who don’t know what statement jewelry is, it is the term used for jewels that are the focus of the outfit or the piece that makes the statement, hence the name.
I’m talking about big and glitzy earrings, elaborate necklaces with beading and gems, and chunky bracelets. You would be surprised how much these pieces change up a simple shirt or sweater. I also love that they require no effort which is perfect for those mornings when you have no idea what to wear. You can use them for daytime and nighttime looks.

These do not have to be expensive. Many nearby stores have a large selection of statement jewelry, such as Charlotte Russe. I personally get mine from Target. Adding that big, chunky necklace to your usual sweater or jacket instantly makes you look pulled together.

Mix it Up.

Fall is all about color, that is not a new concept. However, try doing something different. Instead of going for the standards of jewel tones and burgundy, use a pop of a bright color! Throw a neon sweatshirt into the mix or some fun printed pants. Mix up some of that statement jewelry.

Play with different styles and textures. Colorblocking is also very popular in the fall. One of my favorite looks for fall is pairing a baggier sweatshirt with a tighter pencil skirt.

Mixing up the different shapes is not something you would think of, but I think it makes a look interesting. Another way to mix it up is to pair items that are unexpected. I feel that this is an opportunity to get creative and have fun with it!

Keep it sharp.

This is an all-year rule for me. I cannot get dressed without having at least one sharp object in my outfit. By sharp, I mean a tailored item. This could be many things,  something that is sleek, something that streamlines the look, or something actually sharp — my beloved high heels for example. It could be an elegantly tied neck scarf, a chic blazer paired with jeans, sleek leather leggings — anything that makes you feel like a million bucks.

Whatever your sharp item is, it should be minimalistic, and angular. It should not distract from what you’re wearing, but enhance it. This look might cause some weird reactions, but

I am a huge advocate of heels and sweatpants, if I ever wear them. Wearing sweats is usually a no-no for me, but the heels make me feel like I am still somewhat pulled together. They help with posture and make me feel more balanced.

I believe one should dress to fit their mood, set themselves up for the day and reflect their personality. Do you all have any unusual combinations like this? Let me know at amalik09@su.edu.

What do you think?

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