Justin Timberlake releases his second album of the year ‘Part 2 of 2’

Rachel Stalker, ‘Doah Staff Writer
October 2, 2013

'Doah photo courtesy of justintimberlake.com

‘Doah photo courtesy of justintimberlake.com

For those of you who are Justin Timberlake fans, you already know that his new album, “The 20/20 Experience,” came out last month. On Monday Sept. 30, Timerlake’s second album of the year, “The 20/20 Experience — Part 2 of 2,” was available in stores, and online.

Earlier in the year, in March, the first part of “The 20/20 Experience” came out with multiple songs at the top of the charts, including “Suit & Tie,” “Mirrors,” and the lesser well-known, “Pusher Love Girl.”

While the first album is smooth, sultry and sexy, the second album is darker, and J.T. told Jimmy Kimmel during an interview on Sept. 24, “The first [album] is a little more summertime; it’s a little more virginal. The second half is just a little more… slutty.”

“Part 2 of 2” opens with “Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want),” which is an upbeat, sultry song about moving and feeling with jungle instincts, followed by “True Blood,” where Timbaland, Timberlake’s producer, opens the song and J.T. muses that his girl has “true blood,” giving this song an eerie, ghostly vibe. L.A. Times writer Mikael Wood compares it to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” “with an extended babe-as-demon metaphor.”

The newest radio hits from Timberlake, “Take Back the Night” and “TKO,” are centered in this album, breaking up his album with the classy, classic vibe presented in the first part of “20/20.”

Drake and Jay Z both accompany Timberlake on this album; Drake has a verse in “Cabaret”, where Timberlake croons, and Jay Z has one in “Murder.” These two rap powerhouses give Timberlake even more of an edge for this new album, not that he needs one.

In “Drink You Away,” J.T. slows it down to croon about drowning his sorrows over a girl.

At the end of the album, J.T. slows it down once again for “Not a Bad Thing,” which is reminiscent of the first album, and Timberlake’s old style. The second part of “Not a Bad Thing” is a beautiful ballad to end the album, where Timberlake says, “If I had a pair of wings/I’d pick you up and fly you far away from here.”

Overall, this is a great addition to Timberlake’s first part. He is on a world tour this winter, after a summer stadium tour with Jay Z. Timberlake is back in the game and doing very well.

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