‘Side Man’ shows importance of family

Jessica Rota, ‘Doah Contributing Writer
October 2, 2013

'Doah photo by Caroline Madden 'Side Man' ran from Friday, Sept. 20, to Sunday, Sept. 22 in the Glaize Studio Theatre.

‘Doah photo by Caroline Madden
‘Side Man’ ran from Friday, Sept. 20, to Sunday, Sept. 22 in the Glaize Studio Theatre.

From Sept. 20 to Sept. 22, Shenandoah Conservatory performed a fantastic production of “Side Man.” This play had a flow of comedy and drama, funny one-liners, intense and strong relationships. “Side Man” portrays a young man’s journey through his parents’ and friends’ lives.

Clifford, played by Toby O’Brien, is the narrator of the play as well as a key character. Clifford transitions from a young boy trying to talk his mother out of jumping out the window to a young man reuniting with his father throughout the performance.

Kaedy Fischer and Robbie Love play Clifford’s parents and showed their relationship from before he was born to the end. In the beginning they were young lovers happy and enjoying life. Their relationship progresses to heated fights and an untimely separation, along with the baggage they gave each other. Fischer uses a mix of comedy and drama for her character’s struggles and Love’s charm brings to life his character — a struggling musician trying to make everyone and everything okay.

Mike Bamford, Mariea Terrell, Zane Rerek and Brian Spane play the cast of friends. All the actors have memorable lines and character traits that audiences will fall in love with. Through years of struggles and separations, the band of jazz musicians ended the play the same way they started — together.

“Side Man” will touch your hearts. It has relatable morals of keeping a family together and one’s journey of self discovery. O’Brien’s character brings the audience into the play by personally addressing them. He teaches us that family doesn’t have to define who you are, but will still always be a part of you.

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