Testing the app: Ghost radar classic edition

Shelby DeHaven, ‘Doah Managing Editor
October 2, 2013

'Doah photo by Hilary Legge

‘Doah photo by Hilary Legge

Ouija boards are a thing of the past with the new ghost tracking app, the Ghost Radar Classic. This app allows you to become a real life ghost hunter by not only telling you the relative location of a ghost but also how strong its presence is.

Ghost Radar turns your phone into a tracker for paranormal activity that “present various visual and audible representations of the readings,” according to the apps frequently asked questions. It is said to be as effective as an electromotive force detector, a device that is frequently used for ghost hunting. It even marks the strength of the ghost. “Red indicates the signal is strongest.” From there, yellow is slightly weaker, followed by green and finally blue is the weakest.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this app guaranteed to give you chills. To experiment with it, the executive ’Doah staff decided to test it out in the newspaper office located in Cooley Hall. According to the Ghost Radar, there are at least two ghosts that spend time there. Their signatures ranged from green to red. The best part though was the random words that the radar picked up. According to it, the ghosts that call the ’Doah office home are most likely foreign, or like to travel, because the most common words were foreign places. It was also amusing to try and string together the sporadic words and come up with what the ghost supposedly trying to say. We determined that our friendly newspaper ghost was likely killed by a blow to the head with a roll in either Spain or France.

The Ghost Radar Classic is sold for free by Jack Jones. It currently has a four out of five star rating on iTunes. Jones points out on iTunes that they “offer no guarantees of accuracy or any warranties, therefore, since results from this application cannot be verified scientifically the app should be used for entertainment purposes.” While the likelihood of the ghosts is in the eye of the believer, this app is enough to turn a night in with friends into a scary haunted adventure.

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