Prepping for another year of HVZ

Bailey Rankin, ‘Doah Staff Writer
October 23, 2013

'Doah photo by Bailey Rankin

‘Doah photo by Bailey Rankin

It’s that time of the year again. That time where the air gets cooler, drinks get hotter, and the colors start changing. The leaves are falling and so are…bodies?! That’s right, it’s Human vs. Zombies! The third annual campus wide nerf game begins this week.

Students gathered on Sunday Oct. 20 for the debriefing of HvZ for rules and regulations. All students, on campus and off, are invited to play this game. Everyone gets bandanas and depending on whether you’re a zombie or human determines where you wear it. Humans have to wear them somewhere visible, on their upper arm is optimal. While the zombies wear them around their heads. Out of the people that sign up there are a couple of people that are chosen to be the Original Zombies, or OZ’s. These zombies can go undercover and dress as a human would, but can tag them sneakily.

Once tagged, the human must give over their identification number so the zombie can log their kill and stay alive. If a zombie goes 24 hours without tagging a human “feeding”, they will die off. During the week, there are tasks that are announced that have to be completed. Sometimes you are awarded in extra lives, or it’s just a way to get all the humans in one place so the zombies can feed. Whichever it is, you decide.

Humans are allowed to be equipped with weapons, which are nerf guns or sock balls. If a zombie is trying to attack you or is chasing you, being hit by a sock ball or nerf dart can stun them. They’re only down for about 5-10 minutes, so you have to make your getaway quick.

Veteran HvZ members are eager to play again after waiting all year for its return. Humans have won two years in a row, so now it’s time for an uproar. Zombies have some tough competition this year with fresh bodies as well as the humans. With MVP zombie Zack Duell returning who knows which side he’ll be on. Be sure to watch your back!

Chris Frazier, veteran human, tells upcoming new humans to “make sure they stock up on ammo, nerf darts and socks.” Frazier has won as a human for the past two years in a row now. “I think HvZ is a lot of fun because it involves the whole school,” he said. His other advice to rookies would be to pair up with some veterans and to not travel alone.

HvZ will start Wednesday Oct. 23 and run through the weekend. Keep updated through the Facebook pages for missions and information pertaining to the games. Happy hunting and eating!

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