Determining your own personal image

Aysha Malik, ‘Doah Staff Writer
November 6, 2013 

Hello, Hornets! I decided to shake things up with my column and starting something new because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like change? I do love fashion, but another one of my passions in life is anything related to personal image and branding. However, I do understand that not everyone even knows what that means! It is important for everyone- any major, any profession. It is something that few people stop to think about but can make all the difference during the process of getting and keeping a job.

What is personal image, you ask? Your personal image is everything about you that you present to the world: starting with the way you talk, what you say, what you do, what you believe in, what you wear- basically your identity. Your image is what people recognize you for. Its what sets you apart from the pack and makes you the individual that you are. Plus, it is what will make you memorable in a world filled with the need to network.

Crafting your personal image is not easy. You really have to take a long, extensive look at yourself. Do you look the way you want to be presented to others? Do you speak in a way that is both effective in communicating what you want to say while reflecting your personality? Do you carry yourself in a way that shows who you really are?

Personal image is extremely important also due to the fact that it creates an identity for people to connect with and remember. We live in a word-of-mouth world, where networking is absolutely vital. So, you want to make sure that your personal image represents everything you need to make that first impression. This saying is everywhere, but its true: You never know who is going to end up where. Minding your personal image and meeting someone might not always land you a job on the spot, but it will establish an identifier. Should that random person at that party end up the Editor in Chief of Vogue and you go in for a job interview, at least they will know something about you to go from.

The idea of personal image links into next issue’s topic of your personal brand, which I believe are two different things. It sounds confusing, but don’t worry- thinking about this stuff now pays off in the end. What do you think about personal image? Have any tips? Tweet me at @TheDoah and share your thoughts!

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