Wake the Dead rocks the Armory

Renee Sogueco, ‘Doah Staff Writer
November 6, 2013

'Doah photo by Renee Sogueco

‘Doah photo by Renee Sogueco

Local DJ “BARON,” Adam Rizor, created hype over the past couple of weeks for his large event on campus, Wake the Dead. Flyers plastered walls in every building at Shenandoah University promoting his talent and spreading the news.

The junior Music Production and Recording Technology major promoted with the hashtag,  #WAKETHEDEAD2013, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Shenandoah University’s Student Life page, — a huge promoter for the production– even created an open event for all students that made Rizor the host for more advertisement.

On the event page, he engaged fans by including songs from his Soundcloud, posting computerized sneak peak images and giving general “behind the scenes” snippets. Even the SUN-E promoted by listing his production on weekly events and described his style, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and Trap music. Students talked about the event and word of mouth spread the news of a hopeful great night.

Wake the Dead formally began at 10 p.m., and the University held the production at the old armory building, which is located in between Halpin-Harrison Hall and Ohrstrom-Bryant Theatre. Outside of the building, two ticket tables held cues and handed out yellow wristbands to students, who were only allowed to bring one friend outside of the university.

Inside, the massive room created the atmosphere for an upcoming rave. A table was set right as you enter the room with glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces. Fog filled the room and chairs were lined up against the wall. On the far end, a large DJ booth produced images and patterns on the front, and patterned lights flashed behind on the wall. Yellow caution tape lined the front of the booth in order to create space between the DJ and dancers.

Rizor actually started playing music at 10:30 p.m., but the room was still fairly empty. Because of the small amount of people, the beginning of the event felt like an awkward high school dance as students awkwardly stood in small groups. It was around 11:30 p.m. that larger groups of students started showing and dancing to the heavy bass of his music. The majority of these students showed in Halloween costumes in accordance to the description in flyers and advertisements. In terms of production, Rizor knew from experience how to work a party crowd.

His set playlist played mostly his own produced music and mixed music from hip-hop to pop. Strobe lights and lights on the wall amped the almost-rave event, and the lights flashed, darkened, and lightened in time with the music. The music was easy to dance to, and the transitions and stops were just long enough to create tension for big bass drops. Students seemed to enjoy the booming music and stayed until around 12:30 a.m.

For more information and media on DJ “BARON,” go to his Soundcloud and Facebook (Baronproduction), and Twitter and Instagram handle (baronrizor).

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