Bailey’s news bytes

Bailey Rankin, ‘Doah Staff Writer
November 20, 2013

Brett McBride is a 46-year-old shark wrangler, who is part of the largest tagging project ever undertaken. CNN News recently ran a report about the recent TV series “Shark Men”. The mission of the tagging is to be able to track their migration, breeding and birthing habits. They have merely 15 minutes to attach the equipment, take blood samples and do an ultrasound once the shark is lured onto the boat. He has tagged over 100 sharks in just seven years.

Just off the coast of Tanzania, there is a resort that has added an underwater bedroom to their list of room  for people to stay in. The Manta Resort on Pemba Island got this new bedroom option from the Swedes. It lays about 250 meters offshore, and has three-stories, including an open rooftop access. For two people, or a couple, to stay for just one night it is $2500. CNN News states that it resides among a large coral reef and attracts many different sea creatures like octopus and squid during the night.

Karl Bushby set out on a wild dream to walk across the planet from his home country in England. He was 29 when he started out on this long journey. With his handcart filled of 100 pounds of supplies, he wanted to accomplish something no one else had and that was to travel the globe on just his two feet. Within hours of departure his cart fell apart. He overcame starvation, dust storms, crocodile encounters and even some prolonged jail time. Now, Yahoo News reports, 15 years later and at the young age of 44 he has only covered half of the planet. He took on a new challenge to cross the U.S. from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. He started in September and is now currently in Arizona.

In Rome, Italy this past Sunday, Mount Etna erupted sending ash and lava on the southern island of Sicily. Mount Etna is the most active volcano in Europe. The eruption was not dangerous to the villages that lie on the mountains slopes, and no evacuation was necessary. Yahoo News says that the last major eruption occurred 21-years-ago in 1992.

Pioneer Press reports that there was a pigeon heist this week where 45 birds were taken in one full swoop from their nestling zone in St. Paul’s. The birds were used for racing and breeding future racers. The value of the birds stolen is estimated to be about $20,000. The prize bird, “The God Father” alone was worth $10,000. These pigeons can be released up to 600 miles away and will make it back to their home loft, reaching speeds of up to 70 mph.

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