Bailey’s News Bytes

Bailey Rankin, ‘Doah Staff Writer
December 4, 2013

This past weekend was an exciting one; and if you were under rock, you missed the biggest upset in college football. Number four Auburn University played number one Alabama University in rivalry weekend, where Auburn came out on top. During the last play of the tie game, Auburn attempted a 56-yard field goal. When it looked like the ball was going to fall short, it fell into the hands of Chris Davis and he ran 109-yards for the winning touchdown. Yahoo News reports, “You could hear a pin drop in Tuscaloosa.”

In Minnesota, a man made a publicity event to win back his cat from his estranged wife. The Guardian covered a story about a 29-year-old man who threw a thousand $1 bills off the fourth floor of the Mall of America. He was later charged with disorderly conduct for this stunt. He said he want to “do some sort of pay-it-forward kind of thing.” When a choir started performing “Let It Snow,” which was his cue to start throwing the cash everywhere. He wrote his Facebook and YouTube pages that the stunt with the bills was in hopes his ex-wife would be there to get them and give him his cat back.

China finally has a chance to launch its first moon mission. It’s an unmanned rocket headed to the moon to explore the lunar surface. If it is successful, China will be the third nation to do this behind the U.S. and the Soviet Union. They expect it to land on the moons surface in mid-December. Once it has landed it will release Jade Rabbit, which is a six-wheeled rover that can dig up samples and is equipped with four cameras. CNN News says that the U.S. is skeptical of the landing because it may interfere with NASA research on moon dust.

A man and his four children in Illinois are trying to recover from a devastating tornado hit on Sunday Nov. 17 that left them basically homeless. They were heartbroken when they were under the impression that they had lost their family dog named Maggie. World News speculates that it is a miracle that they found her alive buried in the rubble. They were surveying the wreckage and heard her faint barking under all of the debris. She was pulled out with a dislocated hip and a severe case of dehydration, but she was wagging her tail excited to be reunited with her family.

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