Popular intramural sport ends its season

Liz Levey, ‘Doah Staff Writer
December 4, 2013

'Doah photo by Liz Levey

‘Doah photo by Liz Levey

As the chilling winds blow through campus, sounds from Shentel Stadium erupt with cheering and yelling for their favorite intramural flag football team.

Flag football is one of the most popular intramural sport at Shenandoah University with 145 participants ranging from Athletic Training students, Physical Therapy students, pharmacy students, MBA students, undergraduate students and even some staff members all have taken part. Over the past four weeks, seven football teams have braved the bitter, cold weather every Monday and Thursday to face off against one another.

Each team needs to be composed of at least seven players required to be on the field. At least two girls if it’s an all guys team, or two guys if it’s an all girls team, have to be registered and be a part of the seven players on the field.

If teams do not have both genders on the field, then they have to forfeit. This year, Assistant Director of Student Engagement for Recreation and Fitness Program Kyle Farrell has put a sportsmanship grading policy.

“This policy requires teams to earn a 3.0 to make the playoffs. All of the participants have been great and make playing in and running this league so much fun.”

The top two teams this season are the Understaffed and the Fighting Salmon. The number one overall team is the undefeated Understaffed, made up of students and staff at S.U. Kyle Farrell plays on Understaffed and is a leading scorer with 12 receiving touchdowns, and also leads in defensive touchdowns.

Sophomore Annie Everett has enjoyed playing flag football on Understaffed saying, “I play a lot of intramural sports and even though it’s been cold, I have had an awesome time.”

With the season coming to a close, the intramural staff is setting up for the playoffs. The race for the championship began Monday, Dec. 2 with the semi-finals, and concludes with the championship game on Thursday, Dec. 4.

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