PR class gains real world experience

Rachel Staller, ‘Doah Staff Writer
December 4, 2013

'Doah photo courtesy of Ashley Kincaid

‘Doah photo courtesy of Ashley Kincaid

On Monday Dec. 9, students of Dr. Kelley Crowley’s introduction to public relations will hold a PR event “One World, Many Stories” at Handley Library to help increase literacy and parent involvement for Title I students and families at Virginia Avenue Charlotte DeHart Elementary School and Quarles Elementary School in Winchester. These students have been working on a proposal for this event all semester, and they are excited to see the turnout.

The event will host about 75 children and their families, students of Shenandoah University, librarians, central administration officials of Winchester Public Schools and community members at Handley Library so that children and parents can learn more about the importance of reading.

Members of the class met with Dr. Doug Joyner, coordinator of curriculum and instruction and the Title 1 supervisor for Winchester Public Schools and other school officials to present the event. Joyner will speak at the event about the importance of literacy for children in Winchester Public Schools.

Junior Laurie Connelly has helped get donations for the event along with her group members Allen Bridge and Austin Davis. Connelly, Bridge and Davis have been working with local businesses to receive donations.

Connelly said, “We spent two afternoons making phone calls and visiting places trying to talk to people to see what we can do.” They have been working on getting t-shirts for the volunteers, and drawstring bags with free items for the children in attendance.

Sophomore Cody Wiley’s task is to be a station leader. “This means I am in charge of determining the different stations students will attend such as a bookmark, reading and socialize with a college student station” stated Wiley. Each student will rotate the different stations throughout  the night.

As for the parents, they will also attend different stations to learn about library cards, have a tour of the library and to meet and greet with teachers, other parents and college students.

All of the students in Dr. Crowley’s class have a different role in the planning and carrying out of the event, from getting donations to setting up the media coverage to documenting the actual event. Everyone involved is very excited for this event and are excited to see how it will turn out.

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