Testing the app: Holiday edition

Shelby DeHaven, ‘Doah Managing Editor
December 4, 2013

With holiday spirit creeping into every aspect of our lives, it is time to start getting our phones in to the spirit of the season as well. There are two crazy apps that will satisfy your need for Christmas right at your fingertips.

The old chocolate advent calendars are a thing of the past now with the 25 days of Christmas — holiday advent calendar 2013 by Magicsolver.com Ltd. Every day this app has a window for you to open and a task to complete in order to receive your special gift—a free app. The first few apps include Papa Pear Saga, Pet Rescue Saga and Animal Voyage: Island Adventure.

This app has a four and a half out of five rating on iTunes. This is a great app to countdown to the holidays while also finding wonderful new apps to help distract you while you are trying to study for finals.

This app is one of my favorite ones that I have found this year. It is very entertaining while at the same time making me want to throw my phone against a wall. The Impossible Christmas Test by PixelCUBE Studios is just that.

While the various tasks seem like they should be extremely easy, the game makers take it to a whole new level. The simple task to “turn off the lights” should included hitting a button or something thing of that sort but instead one has to drag the word “off” into the tree. How that turns the lights off I am not sure but this is one of the easier ones. Each level becomes more and more challenging until you lose all five of your lives or you just give up. The goal is to win different prizes; however, what the prizes are or how you win them may never be discovered if you cannot out smart the creators.

The app has a three and a half out of five stars rating on iTunes. Most of the comments are asking how to pass the various levels so if you need help you are definitely not alone.

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