Bailey’s News Bytes

Bailey Rankin, ‘Doah Staff Writer
January 15, 2014

In Texas on Sunday, Jan. 12 passengers assembled onto a Boeing 737 to what they thought was going to arrive near Branson, Missouri. The plane ended up landing nine miles away from the intended touchdown location. Time U.S. reports that its still unclear as to why the plane made a premature landing and an investigation will commence. The jet will remain in Hollister, Mo. for quite some time because it is too big to take off on the small runway. No passengers were injured, but some were startled when they realized the plane stopped short of a cliff.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, a young 18-year-old waitress got the tip of a lifetime. The waitress had just finished her first year at Trinity Bible College and was paying for it completely on her own. Yahoo News stated that at Cracker Barrel during lunchtime, the young waitress was given a table with two elderly men who wanted to “make someone’s day brighter”. She told the men her stories and let them know she wasn’t returning this semester because she couldn’t afford it. The one old man revealed that he was an alumnus and wrote her two checks. One check was for $5,000 to go back to school and one for $1,000 to do with, as she wanted. This was on top of the $100 tip on the bill.

Early Sunday about 800 ants left the earth and ascended to the Space Station. They hitched a ride with gear, food and supplies to go to the astronauts. Eight ant farms will be kept and observed over a period of time while students take in data. Students around the country will be able to access the video cameras Yahoo News covered. The experiment is performed to see how weightlessness affects the ant’s groupings while searching for food. They are just ordinary pavement ants.

Sunday Jan. 12 was the world annual “No Pants Subway Ride”. Happening all around the world from Hong Kong to Washington D.C. subway and metro riders got on the trains with no pants. People as old as 80 and young as 2 were letting the wind brush their naked thighs as they went in for their daily commutes. Passengers from nearly 65 cities in 25 countries participated in this now, major event. It’s all for fun the Huffington Post reported.

Lucas Irwin, a 25-year-old man, formerly a 300-pound young man, trimmed his weight down to only 170lbs. This was his holiday gift to his family; he hadn’t mentioned anything about his weight loss. He spent a year working all the weight off and didn’t see his family once, until Christmas. Today News talked with Irwin and his parents and said that 95 percent of the weight dropped off because of a diet change.


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