Blackboard moose gets name

Rachel Stalker, ‘Doah Staff Writer 
January 15, 2014

'Doah photo courtesy of student tech buzz

‘Doah photo courtesy of student tech buzz

On Monday January 13, 2014, BlackBoard support on campus named their mascot– a stuffed animal moose. After a holding a competition throughout last semester where students, staff and faculty could name the animal, student Samantha Regini won with the name “Techwinkle.” Technology Liaison Tristan Plummer is even working with Auxiliary Services to get Techwinkle his own S.U. I.D. card.

At the moose naming  ceremony, there was a BlackBoard user survey and when you participated, you were given a scratch-off lottery ticket and some other BlackBoard swag. S.U. BlackBoard Administrator Melissa Stange gave away free shirts with the moose’s name and face on it.

The Bb Support team provided lots of snacks and goodies, including cupcakes, cotton candy, chips, candy, cookies and much more.

At the event, Andy Jacobson, from BlackBoard’s User Experience Team discussed how the moose became the symbol for Bb.

At first, one of the BlackBoard offices bought multiple blow-up animal heads and hung them around the office. Different offices had different animals, and finally the moose was the animal that mostly captured people’s attention around campuses.

This mascot helps BlackBoard support be more accessible to students, because wherever you see the moose on campus, you can find Technology Liaison Tristan Plummer for travelling BlackBoard support.

He mostly visits the same places around campus at various times during the week. You can find his location and time in the SUN-e, and you can also find some BlackBoard tips from Plummer’s weekly Student Tech Buzz emails.

If you need BlackBoard support on campus, keep your eyes peeled for Techwinkle, and you will find support nearby!

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