Highly anticipated shows return to television

Laurel Delany, ‘Doah Staff Writer
January 15, 2014

'Doah photo courtesy of hypable.com

‘Doah photo courtesy of hypable.com

It is the start of a new year and that means the start of new seasons and mid-season returns for our favorite television shows.

The cold weather is the perfect excuse for you to isolate yourself from others and catch up on your favorite shows.

HBO’s “Girls” returned for its third season on January 12 with two back-to-back episodes. The season preview promises a welcome return to the comedic nature of the first season with just enough slice-of-life drama. Here’s hoping it isn’t as bleak as season two.

“American Horror Story: Coven” made its mid-season return on January 8. Considering this is the halfway mark of a Ryan Murphy show, get ready for an absolutely psychotic tailspin of a second half. If you thought that you have seen it all this season, you are in for a surprise.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” made its return on January 7. The show has garnered rave reviews as a strong contender for the next big American comedy.

The eccentric casts of characters and strong actors have distinguished it amongst all of the other comedies that have premiered recently.

“Downton Abbey” made its season four premiere on January 5. Like HBO’s “Girls,” one of Downton Abbey’s cast members decided to leave the show which has caused significant changes to the plot. “Downton Abbey” boasts some of the strongest English actors, and is an engrossing watch for fans of period pieces.

“Scandal” is slated to return February 27. Kerry Washington is exquisite in this political thriller series.

Scandal’s earlier seasons are now available on Netflix, so you have ample time to catch up on the earlier seasons before the winter premiere.

These are only some of the great shows returning to television this winter, so fans of all genres of television will be able to find something that interests them.


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