Which hills are best for snow day sledding

Laurie Connelly, ‘Doah Staff Writer
January 15, 2014

'Doah photo courtesy of SU Student Life

‘Doah photo courtesy of SU Student Life

Since it is winter, there is always that chance for everybody’s favorite announcement, SNOW DAY!  When the snow day happens everybody decides to sleep, eat, watch movies, go sledding or all of the above. Personally, I do all of the above. Eating, sleeping and watching movies I do all in my apartment, but there are specific places in Winchester that I like to go sledding.

First off is the one closest to Shenandoah’s campus, Jim Barnett Park. There is a giant hill through out the top of the park. As you pass the Christianson Familyland, you will reach the top of the hill. Park your car, or if you are walking continue as you are, and grab your sled and ride. It is a fast hill and long hill. You will get tired easily so pace yourself.

If you feel like going somewhere besides the local park, go to the local schools. John Handley High School has multiple hills throughout the grounds and they are fun. The Handley bowl, the front of the school, is intense with the front steps. When the snow fully covers the steps, you are in for a bumpy ride.

But if you’re not in for a bumpy ride, then there are always the side hills along the bowl. They aren’t hard to find, they surround the north end of the bowl. Or if you are still in for a challenge and don’t want to play it safe, go behind the school where you will find an extra steep hill. Be warned, at the bottom of this hill is a staircase and a road so you will need to watch out for bricks and cars.

These are the best places to go sledding in the area, so make sure you go to The Dollar Store or to Walmart and buy a cheap sled and have fun. That way,  after you finish all that sledding you can make your way to the Old Town Walking Mall and go to The Espresso Bar.  They have a great house blend coffee, chai latte and hot chocolate to satisfy everybody’s taste buds.

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