Arctic Monkeys connects to multiple audiences

Tessa Climer, ‘Doah Contributing Writer
January 29, 2014

'Doah photo courtesy of mtv.co.uk

‘Doah photo courtesy of mtv.co.uk

We all have those moments when you are driving in your car with the music blaring and thinking you’re the star of your own music video. I recently had this feeling with Arctic Monkeys hit album “AM” that was released in Sept. 2013. This English indie/rock band takes you back to the ‘50s with a hint of today’s edge, where leather jackets are a must, greased up hair is a plus and R&B guitar riffs are welcome.

The hit single from their album “Do I Wanna Know?” gives you an inside look on one-sided love with a little bit of lust. Alex Turner’s rocker twang caresses the harsh stomps that play throughout the song. You will feel your head bobbing unintentionally when you switch gears into “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” This tune definitely centers itself on a relaxed, but groovy vibe. The simplicity of chords and beats fit in perfectly with the lyrics. You will find yourself joining in by the end, guaranteed.

“Knee Socks” is a song on the album that is not as recognized as it should be. The falsetto used in the chorus will perk your interest as it falls into the verses, and then sways smoothly into the beginning chorus to begin the journey again. Not to mention the guitar that plays an exciting supporting role in the song. It is almost inevitable not to move your body while listening to any song on this album, even the toned down, slower tracks like “I Wanna Be Yours” or “No. 1 Party Anthem”.

This band has definitely taken the next step in becoming clearer and more precise musicians. Arctic Monkeys have made an album that connects easily with a wide variety of music listeners. Grab your car keys, some friends, and turn up the volume. This album is worth your time.

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