Bruno Mars ties in different genres

Tessa Climer, ‘Doah Contributing Writer
February 12, 2014



This past Super Bowl Sunday, we had an amazing halftime show performance by Bruno Mars, which lead me to go and check out his newest album “Unorthodox Jukebox.” The album has five tracks that have made it in the iTunes Top 100 including his most recent single, “Young Girls.”

This song has a keyboard melody that fills in the spaces between the steady beats. His voice carries over the music with a beautiful tone singing the catchy chorus, “All you young, wild girls, you make a mess of me…” You’ll catch yourself still humming it as the song comes to an end.

“Gorilla” was a track on this record that definitely raised some eyebrows with its graphic metaphors, but who better to sing it than a handsome, poetic man like Bruno? His voice belted this song with a sexy, rock and roll kind of feel, completely different from the radio favorite, “Treasure.”

This groovy pop song takes us back to the disco with flattering lyrics and a deliberate drumbeat. As I neared the end of the album, “Show Me” came through my speakers with a chill, reggae twist to it. His voice meshed so perfectly with the island theme that it almost had me wishing I were at the beach.

By crossing over into some other genres without completely changing his sound made for a very unique blend of song choices.

Coming from someone who wasn’t always a huge fan, I’d have to say Bruno Mars has a good, raw talent and this record only proves it further.

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