Students act out historical figures for Black History month

Ashley Kincaid, ‘Doah Contributing Writer
February 12, 2014

'Doah photo courtesy of SU Student Life

‘Doah photo courtesy of SU Student Life

“Act Out” is a month-long event celebrating Black History Month. Volunteering students will portray historical figures that played significant roles in African American history. Performances started on Feb. 4 and will continue through Feb. 28. These student actors and actresses will deliver messages to encourage students to attend the performance of “Their Story, Our History” being held on Feb. 21.

Victoria Gilliam, set to play Etta James on Feb. 19, said, “‘Act Out’ is just a way for us to show Black History and Black Culture in a better light. I’m hoping that people will listen as these students ‘Act Out’ their particular characters. This began as an idea to increase attendance for ‘Their Story, Our History,’ but as ideas grew, so did our meaning behind the event. We’re hoping that as people listen, they’ll have a better understanding of Black History. This is just the precursor for a 365 day celebration of Black History and Culture.”

In reference to the “Act Out” participants, Gilliam explained, “Each of these students will ‘Act Out’ all throughout the day, but during the lunch hour specific to each student, they will act out in the Student Center to get the attention of more students. These students will dress as these historical figures and will give a monologue so to say, of these people’s lives.”

This is the first year that “Act Out” has been held here on campus. “Their Story, Our History” and “Act Out” are events made possible by senior Myia Harris. Gilliam predicts that, “with the collaborative efforts of the Black Student Union and the Intercultural Program, this Black History Month should be the biggest Black History Month that S.U. has ever experienced.”

As of now, these are the historical figures that will make appearances over the next few weeks. This list is not complete, as Gilliam said they would be adding another week of “Act Out” after the show on Feb. 21.

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