Snowstorm disrupts spring sports schedules

Allen Bridge, ‘Doah Staff Writer
February 26, 2014



This winter’s largest snowstorm left areas with over a foot of snow, with S.U. receiving roughly 16 inches. A blanket of white covered campus closing school for two days, but that wasn’t the only impact the snow had on S.U. With spring sports just beginning to start up, teams such as baseball and softball were left without places to normally practice, leaving the beginning of the season in question.

“The snow has impacted baseball tremendously. We were scheduled to start our season Feb. 22, and have yet to step foot on our field. We have spent countless hours trying to get our field game ready, but the harsh weather has been relentless and proven to be very difficult for us,” said S.U. baseball co-captain, Cody Vorous.

With the baseball and softball teams not having a field to fully practice on, they have had to make adjustments and focus on individual abilities, rather than live games. The teams have had to use Shingleton, Shentel Stadium, the armory and the parking lot at Bridgeforth field for practices.

“We have gotten many reps hitting in the armory and have been able to utilize the turf field to get some simulation for practicing outside. It’s still not ideal to practice on but it’s the best that we can do,” said softball player Heather Sink.

“These facilities aren’t strictly for baseball, so it can make for long days going from one to another or breaks in between practices because all teams are designated a time slot. The turf has been a huge asset to helping us get ready for the season. With bad weather, the softball and baseball teams have had to resort to the turf field at Shentel along with both lacrosse teams who are normally there. We, the baseball team, greatly appreciate all the other teams and coaches who have been generous enough to let us use it to get our work in as well,” added Vorous.

While baseball and softball have been without fields, the lacrosse teams have had the luxury of playing on a turf field where the snow can easily be plowed off.

“The lacrosse teams have been very lucky with all this heavy snow. We’ve only had to relocate into the gym for one practice this entire preseason, and we were still able to get a great practice in and work on many things. Other than that, we have been outside working on things on the turf field since it can be cleared off. Also having a late practice time really helps allowing the snow to be plowed off and allowing the sun to melt some of it,” said women’s lacrosse player Juli Carbone.

With the snow though, teams have had to adjust their schedules in the season. The softball team was scheduled to open the season Saturday, Feb. 22, but instead had to postpone the game against Messiah. The baseball team was scheduled to play a pair of non-league doubleheaders Saturday, Feb. 22 and Sunday, Feb. 23 at home. Instead, those games were moved and baseball opened up Monday at home versus Susquehanna.


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