Local with Laurie

Laurie Connelly, ‘Doah Staff Writer
March 16, 2014

'Doah photo courtesy Insiderhealth.com

‘Doah photo courtesy Insiderhealth.com

It’s that time of the year when you have to wear green, or you’ll get pinched. You know, it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Most of you think of it as an Irish holiday, but us Americans know how to celebrate it just as well—or at least as well as an American can.

So to start off celebrating, head on downtown to the Old Town for the Ninth Annual St. Patrick’s Tour. On Mar. 15, various bars will participate by promoting special deals to help you have a “happy” St. Patrick’s Day.
Sweet Carolines, 29 W Cork Street, has $5 sandwiches and wraps along with $3 beer and even a $3.50 green beer. What is better than green beer on St. Patrick’s Day? Also, no reservations required.
Brewbaker’s, 168 N Loudoun Street, will be celebrating all day long. Specials will be served throughout the whole day.
Cork Street Tavern, 8 W Cork Street, is specializing in corned beef and cabbage and other top Irish picks for your satisfaction. Make sure you make a reservation because there will only be dining room standing-room-only after 3 p.m. Call 540-868-9877 to claim your spot.
You would think that a British Pub would not have a special on an Irish holiday, but I guess that they are willing to celebrate too. Union Jack Pub, 101 N Loudoun Street, is also specializing in their cabbage and corned beef meal. There are no reservations required so go have fun.
Piccadilly Brew Pub, at 125 E. Piccadilly Street are not going to be left out of the fun. They will have Irish ale for party goers and even have The Merge performing live at 9:30 p.m.
Those are my hotspots in Old Town Winchester, however there are plenty of other places that require somewhat of a drive. Veramar Vineyard, 905 Quarry Road, will not be having any beer, but they will be serving several types of wine and soup. Looks like you won’t be finding any leprechauns at this event, but you will still need to wear green so somebody does not pinch you!
Also, don’t forget to be safe after all of the drinking and celebrating of St. Patrick’s Day. So if you have been drinking, to call any of the cab services. I prefer Polly’s Cab at 540-662-4111, but there is also Taxi USA that can be reached at 540-662-1199 and Taxi Guadalupe to get you home.  Remember to have fun this St. Patrick’s Day, now its time to eat, drink and be Irish!

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