Deal with your roommate problems to avoid more conflict

Liz Levey, ‘Doah Staff Writer
March 19, 2014

'Doah photo by Megan Newman

‘Doah photo by Megan Newman

As the school year moves along the days get longer with activities or homework and the sleep progressively feels shorter tensions may be getting a little high around where you live. This happens in the residence halls and even with your roommates that live off campus as well. It’s the little things that start to irritate you the most.

The first thing is that you need to learn how to cope with the things that are going on. It’s not worth it to pick a fight over every little thing your roommate can do to annoy you, so try seeing what you can do to alleviate things first. For example, do you want the lights on to study while your roommate needs them off to sleep? Get a desk lamp. Do you need to sleep while your roommate wants to study? Get a sleeping mask. Or let your roommate borrow your desk lamp.

Although you shouldn’t get angry with your roommate for every little thing, do bring up important issues as they come up. When you have a problem with your roommate, it is best to talk out your issues directly, instead of passively resenting your roommate. This does include dropping vague hints. Sometimes your roommate won’t understand your hints even though they have may seemed clear to you. Deal with big problems as soon as you can, before they escalate.

If you are a campus resident, you can go to your resident assistant to help mediate conflicts. Before you do, you need to try talking to your roommate to resolve your problems. If you haven’t, they will ask you to do so and if the problem continues you and your roommate will have mediation with the R.A. and the R.D. The R.D. will proceed with what they think will be best for the situation.

The honeymoon phase is officially over for you and your roommate the best thing you can do is talk it out. No one wants to  live miserably for the rest of the year.

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