Bailey’s News Bytes

Bailey Rankin, ‘Doah Staff Writer
April 2, 2014

Ad Week states that they have unveiled the latest and greatest thing to cupcake lovers, or midnight snackers in New York City. Sprinkles Cupcake, a gourmet supplier of the delicious mini-cakes has opened its first ever 24-hour cupcake ATM. The ATM can hold up 760 cupcakes at one time with a variety of 20 different flavors. It’s just $4.25 each for a cupcake and they also have a special offer for dog owners. Just .75 cents extra and you get two mini cupcakes for your pet.


Pretty soon a new high-tech app for your smartphone will let you download mannequins from the store straight to your phone so that you can get the details about the outfit of your choosing. The Telegraph reported that there is a beacon in the mannequins that transmits the information straight to your mobile device. The information can even direct you to where the clothes are located in the store.


  A college student needed a new way to get an edge against other competitors for internships and jobs. Leah Bowman, a communications and marketing major,  has always had a passion for Legos so she made herself into a Lego person and sent it out in a box to employers with her resume inside. A very creative and eye catching way to get the job or internship you want. Bowman said that she had several callbacks and compliments on her interesting application. CNN News reports that this is a great marketing tool..


A woman who suffered from breast cancer turns her services into a nanny agency to help other mothers who have cancer and have small children. In 2008, Audrey Guth of Toronto started the Nanny Angel Network to offer free in-home child care services for those mothers. Since the start the organization has helped more than 300 women around the Toronto area. Many of the staff are cancer survivors and have professional background in daycare. CNN News says that just last year they extended the services to help families with end-of-life care. After a death or when there is a death, they stay longer to be there for the kids.

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