‘Doah Spotlight: 100 Mile Joe

Bailey Rankin, ‘Doah Staff Writer
April 2, 2014

'Doah photo courtesy of 100 mile joe facebook page

‘Doah photo courtesy of 100 mile joe facebook page

Running 100 miles is like driving from Winchester, Va. to Baltimore, Md. and still having two more miles to go! While that may sound like an intimidating and scary thought to most of you, adjunct Professor Joe Lovinsky saw it as an opportunity to raise money for scholarships. Growing up Lovinsky struggled through many tough life struggles such as homelessness, but always had his French horn to get him through anything life threw at him, including this 100 miles! The scholarship is for French horn students coming into the Shenandoah Conservatory. Lovinsky’s goal was to raise $5,000 and he has since surpassed that goal by almost double. He started his long trot at 7:00 a.m. on Friday morning and finished around 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. Hundred miles in 31 hours! Everyone has now been calling him “100 Mile Joe.” People from all over campus came out to run a few laps with Lovinsky through out the morning, afternoon and even over night. Now that Lovinsky is finished he is resting up, eating well and not planning on running anytime soon.

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