Parking struggle continues

Cody Wiley, ‘Doah Contributing Writer
April 2, 2014

Parking is the hardest thing to find on campus not to mention the most stressful. This parking debacle has always been a problem on campus but with the new Health and Life Science building it has only become worse. Many students are forced to park in illegal spots in an effort to get to class on time or to avoid a long walk in harsh weather through no fault of their own. Students who live in Edwards, Romine and East Campus Commons are obligated to drive to campus when it is raining or snowing.

Driving around campus numerous times searching for a spot to park, students are wasting gas and becoming increasingly frustrated leading to short tempered, unenthusiastic and late students in the classroom. Professors are also involuntarily subjected to the same problems. Elderly or handicapped professors struggle to get to their offices. Instead of being able to have the luxury of parking next to their office their spots are being taken by students who would rather get a $25 parking ticket than be inconvenienced.

Professors, such as Dr. Andrea Smith who went to a large University, knows the struggle of parking and stated “I walked about a mile from my parking space to my office each day. So, in my opinion, we are fortunate to be at a university with so much parking. There is always space available in the parking garage, and it’s a short walk from there to most parts of main campus.” On the other hand, Dr. Smith has a point commenting “It is frustrating to see how inconsiderate some members of our community can be when it comes to parking, for example, when they park in lots for which they don’t have a pass… The Department of Public Safety has a big job on their hands, and I’m grateful for the work they do. However, I’d like to see tickets issued more regularly for those who violate parking rules.” Hope is in sight for this growing problem.

Tracy Fitzsimmons, along with the University board, are trying to eventually make S.U. a green campus with minimal traffic. All activity within campus will be considered “green” with either walking or biking. The purchase of Millwood Drive was a great first step but only the beginning. Future plans also include the construction of more parking garages with one at each corner of campus. Until this problem can be resolved and the construction begins yet again, there are some ways to minimize the struggle of parking.

The two of the hardest places to find parking are by Henkel and Gregory/Howe. For the most reliable parking, I would suggest parking in the University Inn. The U.I. is located right across the street from Henkel and you can cut through Henkel to get to Gregory/Howe. While the U.I. is the most reliable, it is also the most cumbersome to get to. In order in park at the U.I., you must go to the stoplight  on Jubal Early Drive and turn as if you were going to Bob Evans. Furthermore, the stoplight at which you have to wait is seems to be one of the longest lights in the city of Winchester but once you make it, it is worth it. The parking garage consistently seems to have spots available and it is a great place to park in the inclement weather because of the protection for your car. The only down side to the parking garage, it is not centrally located. Now if you are a freshman and live in the dorms other than the parking lot next to the buildings, the parking garage is your best bet.  It provides only a short walk back to the dorm.

Parking on the Shenandoah campus is can be a confusing task but if you know where to park it will make your day go much smoother.

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