‘Cendrillon’brings beloved favorite to life

Caroline Madden, ‘Doah Staff Writer
April 30, 2014

'Doah photo by Caroline Madden

‘Doah photo by Caroline Madden

The main stage opera “Cendrillon”’ based on the beloved fairy tale “Cinderella” opened the weekend of Apr. 25. The story of “Cinderella” has been adapted countless of times, whether by Disney, or Rodgers and Hammerstein, or Stephen Sondheim’s take in “Into the Wood.”  Each of those adaptations had a different perspective and made changes to the classic story, just as this opera does. The opera takes place in 19th century France. Cendrillon’s journey to ending up with the prince is not as easy as in other adaptations; there are many other plot changes after the ball.

Elena Flores as Cendrillon was beautiful and had a voice to match. Patricia Hengen also shines as Le Prince Charmant. It was very interesting to hear from the Prince’s perspective, a point of view that you don’t usually see. The Prince has an aria where he sings about his loneliness and his boredom in his huge empty palace. A fantastic stand out was Ceri Gerrish as La Fee, the Fairy Godmother.  She had a beautiful clear voice, and adorable mannerisms, bringing perkiness and humor to the part of the loving Godmother. There were many comedic moments in the show, and the ensemble provided most of those wonderfully.

The set opened with a beautiful French salon, full of bright and rosy colors. The costumes followed a rainbow-colored palate that brought a vibrant life to the characters. In particular, the “Midsummer Night’s Dream”-esque fairies had unique and colorful costumes. Each fairy had their own fun personality, shown in their clothing as well as the actors’ humorous portrayals.

One of the most iconic scenes in the “Cinderella” story is her transformation from rags to a beautiful ball gown, and the beautiful carriage she rides to the ball in. The transformation scene and gown were not as magical as it could have been. There was no music during the transformation, which left out a lot of the beauty and anticipation. However, these expectations may be due to other well-known adaptations.

 “Cendrillon” was a classic story that we all know and love, told in a different perspective. For those unfamiliar with the changes in “Cendrillon,” it certainly made for a surprising show. It was very exciting to see a story told in a completely different way. The opera brought together a group of very well-crafted singers and talented performers to put on a fun and vibrant production of the famous fairy tale.

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