Dress for success in your every day life

Cody Wiley, ‘Doah Contributing Writer
April 30, 2014

In the morning, choosing your outfit can be a life changing decision. When you look into your closet you should ask yourself, what you are going to be doing throughout the day. For the average college student such as us this consists of going to class, meetings, practice or gym. When going to class, articles of clothing such as sweatpants or any baggy clothing should not be worn. When a student walks into a room and looks as if they do not care about their appearance, it is disrespectful to the professor. Professors are required to dress business casual and not look disheveled and conduct their class in a professional manner. Students should follow these same requirements.

By wearing such baggy clothes it gives the impression that you are unconcerned with the professor and the subject material. Also, when seen around campus looking sloppy, other students and faculty are less likely to approach you as you look standoffish. As well as being unapproachable, you also appear less confident. College is supposed to prepare you for the real working professional world by helping you become independent, establish routines, and how to conduct yourself. Part of this learning is in knowing how to dress.

Upon entering the workforce, interviews are a crucial part of the process and first impressions are everything. What you are wearing is the first thing your interviewer sees even before you open your mouth. Your potential employer has already formed an opinion about you based off of your appearance. It is one of the most important things next to your resume. Wearing casual and careless clothing is a disservice. In the workplace, you are to look professional at all times; this includes dress shoes, dress pants, belt, shirt and tie. While these clothes may not be comfortable or your first choice, these clothes show you take yourself seriously as well as the job. People will start to respect you more and take notice.

Clothes are supposed to enhance your personality and let you express yourself without having to say anything. As one learns to dress, their own unique style will begin to develop. Clothes make you feel good about yourself and exude confidence. Others should look at you and notice the time and effort you took into your appearance and compliment you. You want to “dress to impress”.

I know every morning when I wake up I make a conscious effort to look my best.  I know I may be only walking around campus, but it shows I care and respect myself enough to look in the mirror and be proud of what I see. Do not get discouraged. Dressing suitably does not mean you have to buy fancy brand name clothing. It means you take the time to dress clothing that fits well. Clothing accents your personality and enhances your life and before you know it, it will come naturally. Baggy clothing will be a thing of the past.

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