New security measures in place for Apple Blossom 2014

Megan Newman, ‘Doah Editor-in-Chief
April 30, 2014

New policies are being put in place this year to increase the safety of Bloomers.

In light of the Boston Marathon bombings and other incidents in public areas with large crowds authorities are taking further measures to ensure the safety of the Apple Blossom Festival’s estimated 200,000 attendees.

Those attending the parade, carnival, festivals and other events are encouraged to not bring handbags or backpacks with them, in some cases you may be asked to take your bag back to your vehicle.

 All bags will be subject to searches for banned items. Banned items include large backpacks, weapons, non-service animals and to most student’s dismay, alcohol.

Authorities will be paying special attention to portable containers such as water bottles, sports drinks, thermoses and coolers that may contain alcohol. Those found with alcohol may be subject to fines or worse if under 21.

Think twice before filling up your pink and green water bottles with your drink of choice and heading out to the festivities, it could cost  you.

Virginia State police will also be collaborating with Frederick County Sheriff’s Office to increase patrols to encourage drivers and passengers to wear their seatbelt, abide by the speed limit and avoid dangerous behaviors and situations.

Take precautions before going out during Apple Blossom. If you are planning on partaking in activities geared towards those 21 and up, make sure you have a plan to get home safely whether it be a taxi or designated driver.

Also be sure to take a photo ID and health insurance card with you incase an emergency arises. Also keep in mind that the University’s code of conduct still applies through Apple Blossom in addition to state and local laws. Even though some of these new rules and regulations may put a damper on some of the fun, they’re designed to help keep the festivities fun and safe for everyone.

For more information, check out the official Apple Blossom website, thebloom.com where you can find a full list of events as well as maps and other very important information.

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