Construction phase two begins

Maggie Jordan, ‘Doah Staff Writer
September 17, 2014



The construction is on the move again. Phase two of the Millwood Avenue Public Improvement Project began on Monday, Sept. 15 thus resulting in a new traffic pattern on campus and the surrounding area.

As of Sept. 15, the free flowing right lane onto Jubal Early will be open with a temporary yield sign in place. University Dr. will be completely open as well. The stretch of Millwood Ave. in front of S.U. will be closed. There will be additional stormwater management work completed as well as the creation of a right lane onto University Dr. from Apple Blossom Dr. Also closed will be the main entrance to the Halpin Harris Hall parking lot. This lot will now only be accessible from the newly constructed road by the tennis courts and the entrance off of Pleasant Valley Rd. by the Winchester-Frederick County Visitor Center and Davis Hall.

Started at the beginning of June, the Millwood Avenue project has made significant changes to the  main entrance and main road on campus. The first phase of construction mostly focused on the area of University Dr. in front of the pond and tennis court area as well as the area around the old Armory building.

Phase one made stormwater management improvements, University Dr. realignments, created a free flowing turn lane on to Jubal Early Dr. and created a roadway connecting HHH to University Dr.

This next phase and future phases will include the relocation of the entryway to Edwards Residential Village and the Hampton Inn as well as related traffic circulation improvement to the area. It will also include a signaled crosswalk at University Dr. to help improve the safety for residents living in Edwards. Additionally, the construction will connect Winchester’s Green Circle from it’s break in the area of Lowry Tennis Court. The Green Circle is a walking and biking trail that will stretch into a 3,800 foot continuous trail once it is connected.

There are still three ways to get on to campus. One way is to enter University Dr. via Apple Blossom Dr. or Millwood Pike. You can also enter through Lowry Dr. via South Pleasant Valley. Lastly, you can enter from Tulane Dr. by the stadium.

S.U. officials urge everyone to use caution when driving on campus, especially while everyone gets used to the new traffic pattern.

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